Beyond Cinema: The PVR Movie Festival

PVR Movie Festival

It’s no secret that as Indians we can’t get enough of movies, music and dance! So how about combining our love for all three into one? This season, PVR is doing just that with its second phase of alternate content. PVR LIVE binds together art and theatre connoisseurs and brings them an opportunity of a lifetime to witness eclectic non-movie screenings. From November to January, you can catch various screenings starting with historic Shakespearean plays and famous ballets at theatres across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Grab some popcorn with a hot cappuccino and get ready to enjoy this amazing festival starting on November 23 to January 3.

Here’s a brief on two of the screening scheduled for November:


Richard II

The live cinema broadcast of Richard II from the stage of Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), directed by Gregory Doran with David Tennant as the protagonist, is sure to be a poignant take on the classic. A story of power and plotting, Richard II, written in around 1595 is the first play in Shakespeare’s second history tetralogy – a series of four plays that chronicle the rise of the house of Lancaster to the British throne. The plot revolves around King Richard, who is ordained by God to lead his people, but is wasteful in his spending habits, foolish in his choice of counsellors and detached from his country and its common people. The problem arises when he intervenes in a dispute between Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk and Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford. Watch the story unfold through the screening.

Dates: November 23, 2014 & November 29, 2014

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Moulin Rogue

Who doesn’t love the ballet? A classical ballet offers viewers an infinite allowance for fantasy where rich girls can fall in love with a peasant, a frog can turn into a prince, and ghosts can choose the destinies of mortals. Jorden Morris’ Moulin Rouge: The Ballet danced by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet of Canada beautifully transports the spectator back in time to a seductive setting where Bohemian pleasure co-exists with great art. The ballet is about a passionate story of love, ambition and heartbreak between Matthew, an artist, and Nathalie, a laundress, and how fate helps them seek love and destiny at the infamous Paris cabaret.

Dates: November 30, 2014 & December 6, 2014

Click on each city for screening details in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

We are sure you must be excited to watch these masterpieces on the big screen, just like we are, so keep checking in for more details on upcoming blogs, as this winter promises to be a thrilling watch!

Note: The article first appeared on What’s Hot/TimesCity