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Who doesn’t love travelling? We all do. An ardent rail fan, I’ve clocked thousands and thousands of miles. During my college days, I would always prefer taking the train to Guwahati so that I could snack on those jhal muri and singara throughout the journey, while enjoying the rural sceneries which I miss seeing in Delhi. Not to mention, because of my frequent rail rides, I have become the unofficial booking agent for the family and few close friends. And given this, I have experienced more of the frustration — from end minute unconfirmed tickets to poor IRCTC customer care service.

No more a nightmare

Three Musketeers

To make lives easier, a high utility app called Confirmtkt has been launched that helps in predicting wait list tickets confirmation chances based on the historical data, and even suggests alternative options such as break journeys to help book confirm tickets, solving a major problem of Indian train travellers.

Brainchild of Sripad Vaidya and Dinesh Kotha — both colleagues from their days at IBM, Bangalore, decided to come up with this concept after they had realised the haphazard of the Indian Railways booking system, whenever they had to travel to their hometown. “Initially, we started observing the booking trends, and made reservations in accordance with their learning. Seeing our calculations working right, we thought of taking it a notch up, and came up with the algorithm that has made Confirmtkt what it is today. We aim to provide all our customers with a confirmed train ticket, no matter where they are travelling to,” they said on an e-mail interview. Launched in July 2014, it took them two hard years to develop their ideas and see their dream come true.

The A-Z guide

In this uncomplicated world, we all want things to be simple and stress-free. And Confirmtkt truly understands our feelings.

While their website works fantastic, the app features seem to be more convenient. Presently available on the Android and Windows app stores, the iOS app will be live in about another couple of weeks’ time. “We use analytics to assess current as well as past booking trends, station quota, seasonality, holidays, days of the week and many other similar parameters while computing its predictions. Also, we consider RAC as confirmed because passengers are allowed to travel on trains even if the ticket is in RAC status. The app is very small in size, very easy and convenient to use, and the complete process of ticket discovery is seamless with minimal clicks required. There are three colours as signals — green to indicate high chances of the ticket getting confirmed (as high as 98 per cent), orange to indicate medium chances (between 30 per cent and 70 per cent) and red which indicates low chances (below 30 per cent),” said Pranav Chimulkar, the company’s Head of Growth & Marketing.


Already a hit

I’m sure with such amazing service they must have already won thousands of hearts, specially when today’s users are more tech savvy and believe in getting work done in just a click.

“The users have whole heartedly accepted the service and we have been able to build a sense of faith and confidence in our users to use our service. The reviews and ratings on the play store speak volumes. We have over 3 lac app downloads and about 1.5 lac active users every month,” said Chimulkar smilingly.

So, how different is Confirmtkt from service providers such as MakeMyTrip or Yatra? “The said websites merely aggregate travel inventory. We have built a layer of insights over the existing inventory for the users to help them take informed decisions and facilitate hassle free ticketing. ​ We are not simply dependent on the availability of tickets for confirmation. We go beyond that. We suggest you alternate travel options on the same train in order to get a confirmed ticket — which is an exclusive feature of Confirmtkt. And the mission is to enable users to book confirm tickets for their journeys even at the last moment,” he added.

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