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I’m a glutton. Family and friends say, I’m either seen eating something or browsing through dessert pictures. And if I’m doing neither of the two, I’m mostly busy thinking about what to eat next. Well, I don’t deny to the allegations. I love food like the way I love monkeys. Sounds weird? I’ve five cute monkeys at home (soft toys, though) — Madi, Kalu, Komola, Kookie and Mocha. The joy of going back to them every day after work is incomparable.

Coming back to food, I’ve a question to ask. How many of you are aware of the process of incorporating Reiki or Crystal into everyday diet? I  never understood well how it works until I came across Neelvow — an initiative that works on giving life to food through various sources of energies such as Reiki, Pyramid, Music and Quartz Crystal. And only then I realised that we’ve to a great extent underestimated the importance of food.

Energy Flow

Vinay Garg, Director and Co-Founder Neelvow Corporation Pvt. Ltd in a personal interview said, “Healing the food you eat will have a direct impact not only on your physical health, but also on the state of your mind. Competitive work environment, ambitious targets, and continuous struggle for survival have resulted in increased ratio of stress and depression. Thus, peace of mind, clarity of thought, reduction of stress, and a more positive outlook on life are just need of the hour for a healthy life ahead. Considering this, we decided to develop a range of environmental energy products such as salt and sugar — the basic ingredients of every food. We also plan to extend to other segments such as pulses and spices”.

Curious enough to know how the therapies help, Garg who has been conferred with Bhartiya Udyog Rattan Award for his innovation gave me a detailed analysis as follows:

  • Reiki, an ancient healing practice — approximately 2,500 years old — is derived from two Japanese words “rei” meaning universal spirit and “ki’ meaning life energy. Practitioners like us believe that therapeutic effects of this technique are obtained from a “universal life energy” that provides strength, harmony, and balance to the body and mind. Life energy is thought to be transferred to person when practitioners place their hands on or directly above treatment areas — which results to vitalisation of organs and cells and release trapped negative energy.
  • Pyramid, a naturopathic therapy for all kinds of ailments and diseases has the power to deflect any type of cosmic radiations that falls on its apex. Gravitational force of the earth creates a bio-energy field on it. This energy can be stored or transferred metaphysically for well-being of a person. Pyramid also helps in increasing positive vibes inside the home.
  • Music makes a person more joyful, social and aligns one to his creative self. It has the ability to encourage love and cooperation in the society and works on every individual like a harmless drug.
  • Quartz Crystal synchronises with the seven chakras for self-healing and brings about balance and wellness. The healing energies of Q-Crystals can be harnessed to cure many diseases such as stomach, liver and throat issues.

“We have created an environment in which salt and sugar are energised by all these altogether,” he added.

Neelvow Sugar

Talking about user response and future plans, Garg said, “We have a reference based and bulk sales module. We are bulk suppliers in Delhi and Jaipur to several hotels, hospitals, ayurvedic centres such as Prakartik Chikitshalaya, and super markets such as Modern Bazaar, 9/11 Stores, and Shop & Save among others”.

“The combined annual capacity of our Jaipur and Delhi unit is around 13.5 lakh ton. On an average of 7000kg of Reiki sugar/salt is processed each day. We also have plans to foray in other consumable commodities very soon. From November onwards we would outline a proper distribution model where cities including Udaipur, Delhi-NCR, Chandigarh, Agra, Dehradun, Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat could also be reached out. In the next phase we would eye overseas markets primarily Gulf countries,” he concluded.

Now that you know how these energy sources could help you lead a blissful life, go ahead and try out some of Neelvow’s healthy products. Trust me, I did!

Cover image source: The Hippy Raw Vegan


  1. I used the products and found extremely good Nd refreshing, one u start consuming these products on a regular basis u realise the difference between the regular food and reiki food… . Good guys… Long way to go.. ..


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