It Is Pouring Beer!


No matter how drunk I am now, but I want to write this blog tonight. You must be thinking what’s wrong with this woman! Well, I just came from the amazing Rocktober Fest at Hard Rock Café (HRC), Saket, where I drank some of the finest beery cocktails. And before I lose my consciousness, I shall share my experience on why this particular festival won my heart.

I love beer — its flavour, texture, and ability to complement all types of food. My parents never drank. But that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to drink. They never interfered with my choice to drink alcohol.

I still remember my first alcohol experience like it was yesterday. In 2005, I had just completed my matriculation exam (with extremely poor marks) from my hometown, Nagaon, and moved to Guwahati for further studies. A friend from Mumbai had come for Durga Puja, and we planned to catch-up for coffee. But the minute we met, he changed his mind and asked me to accompany to a nearby pub. I had no idea about the pub culture then. There I saw young girls and boys dancing, drinking and hogging on lip-smacking food. Everything looked very fancy to me. My friend suggested I should try out a beer. With much hesitation, I did. And to be honest, the experience was a bad one. The beer tasted gross, and I hated the smell even more. I puked, and cursed my friend for suggesting the pathetic drink. Two years passed, and I never drank until I came to Delhi for graduation in 2007. On our department freshers’ meet, few of my friends had planned an outing post lunch at a club in Vasant Vihar. Seeing everyone enjoying their drinks, I too ordered a beer. To my surprise I loved it, and drank three pints at a go. And ever since the day, I have never stopped drinking this “nectar”.

lemon beer

Recently an invite from HRC mentioned that they are dedicating the whole month of October to beers, music, fun games and a range of quick bites by hosting a fiesta called Rocktober Fest. Being a beer lover, I couldn’t help but  check out what exactly was on offer. I arrived at the fest at around 7.30 pm and though busy, it felt relatively calm. I have always loved this place for its ample space and chic ambience.

When asked what’s so unique about the event, Vikram Varma, AVP- Marketing for JSM Corporation said, “HRC for the last 43 years has served the legendary dining experience with a side order of Rock ‘n Roll history. Rocktober Fest will be a fun month packed with good music, food and beverage. Our guest will get a taste of two cultures — American Rock ‘n Roll and German Oktoberfest.”


As per the chef’s recommendations, I tried out an array of fruit, vodka and beer based cocktails. I loved the Pomegranate Vodka Shandy (vodka, pomegranate, lemonade & beer), Orange Vodka Shandy (vodka, orange juice, almond, lemonade & beer), Watermelon Vodka Hoedown (vodka, watermelon juice, lemonade & beer), and Vodka Southern Shandy (vodka, peach flavour, lemonade & beer). Light, fresh, effervescent and fantastically satisfying, each drink was crafted to perfection. To team them up were a delightful range of hamburgers in Thai and Jamaican; hot dogs in Asian, Italian, American, and German; fries topped with smoked chicken served with salsa and cheese sauce.


I ordered a Mexican Cali Burger. The burger with chicken and lettuce filling was an excellent match to the drinks. The bun was fresh, the meat tender and juicy. It was followed by a platter of Rocket Fries. The deep fried potatoes with a dash of spice, and served with salsa were quite appealing to my taste buds. For beers, I would suggest you to go for not the regular ones. The menu has Hoegaarden, Leffe Blond, and Belgium Stella Artois.

To keep you going and your spirits high, they have come up with some interesting beer chugging games. Shake a leg on their special Thursday nights with bands playing soft rock, grunge rock, rock ‘n roll, and modern rock, while on Wednesdays, experience the madness of rock music with the DJ playing modern rock numbers from Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, and Coldplay to good old classic rock with the Beatles and The Doors.

If like me, you wouldn’t mind getting high at times and might like the idea of dancing on the stage and singing along to catchy tunes, then I would say, this is the place you should be at right now. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

The festival runs till November 8 at HRC Saket and Gurgaon outlets.


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