For The Love Of Potatoes: Jack Potato’s, Noida

Jack Potato's, Noida

Confession alert: Potatoes make me happy!

I love potatoes like I love cakes [by now, I’m sure you must have got an idea of my dessert addiction]. At times I feel, I could live on potatoes alone. Potatoes are and will always be my favourite vegetable.

I’m not picky about my potato consumption. I like them in all ways and forms — baked, boiled, fried, mashed, smashed, and roasted. At work, a friend called Bhawya used to address me as Pritisha “Aloo” Borthakur, because there has never been a day she hasn’t seen potatoes in my lunch box. Be it chicken fry or biryani or dal or fish curry, there has to be potatoes [read lots of potatoes].

The love for potatoes dates back to my childhood. I was a fussy eater, I used to hate vegetables [I hate veggies even now]. So, to make me eat, deuta (father) used to make interesting potatoes dishes — ginger garlic mashed potato, potato fry with spring onions, potato croquettes, and what not, while maa (mother) would make me sweets such as lal mohon (gulab jamun) out of sweet potatoes. With time, my love for this vegetable increased, and to such an extent that now I cannot imagine a day without potato.

So, when I got to know that an outlet called Jack Po!tato’s has opened at the Great India Place (GIP) mall in Noida, I immediately rushed to try out their offerings . As the name says, the eatery serves an exciting range of jacket potatoes. Here is my review.

The Feel

Jack Po!tato's

Located at the basement, very close to Big Bazaar, in the GIP mall is Jack Po!tato’s. The cute stall in shades of blue, orange, and yellow has the look and feel of a train engine. Although, no seating arrangement has made by the eatery, there’s a huge marble slab nearby where you can comfortably seat and savour their food.

The Feast

The menu of Jack Po!tato’s curated by Chef Wasim is not an extensive one, but it has more than what a standard eatery should have. From fillings such as lamb keema to chicken sausage, baked beans to pindi chole, you’ll be spoilt for choice. But what I feel is their USP is their pricing, starting at Rs 79.

Jack Potato

The potato adventure began with Lamb Keema Jacket Potato. Cheesy, well-baked, and full of flavour, the potatoes were different from what I’ve eaten t several places till date. The size was massive, skin super soft and a fluffy melty inside. The keema cooked with the right amount of spices, and the pairing of mint mayonnaise sure made it the winner at first bite.

It was followed by Baked Beans Jacket Potato — tender potato baked with fresh herbs and loaded with baked beans and cheddar cheese. I loved the sticky texture, and the tangy zest of the bean sauce.

Co-founder Mehul Sharma told me that he is a fan of baked potatoes, and it took him and his partners quite a long time to decide on the potato variety. Talking about the initiative, Sharma said, “On my each visit to abroad, to be specific the United Kingdom, I had noticed a lot of people happily digging into jacket potatoes on any given time. I thought why not give it a try in India. Potato, as we all know, is filling and rich in potassium and antioxidants. To choose the right type, we sampled around 40-50 varieties of potatoes. We wanted the vegetable to be of the highest quality. And finally, here it is.”

Continuing on my gastronomical expedition, next to arrive were Jacket Potatoes in Murgh Tikka and Jacket Potato with Tuna & American Corn Salad. The former had tender and juicy chicken chunks marinated with herbs and sea salt, while the later was a beautiful mélange of tuna salad, scallions, and celery.

I winded up the meal with Jacket Potato with Chicken Sausage and Barbecue Sauce, and Jacket Potato with Chicken Sausage and Honey Mustard dressing.

Jack Potato Sausage

I’m pretty much a sucker for anything involving chicken sausage. I liked the savoury, sweet, and slightly spicy flavour of the barbecue sauce. The potato, like the rest, was very well-done and soft. I teamed it up with a litchi juice.

But if you love your fries and burger paired with mustard sauce, I would highly recommend you to try out their Honey Mustard Dressing Jack Potato. Packed with classic honey mustard, it had a combination of sweet and spicy taste, and I absolutely loved the mild aroma of mustard tickling my senses.

Well, you might fall into a food coma after having all these, but trust me, every morsel will be worth it. And if they continue with the quality what I had today, I can safely say this place is going to stay for ever.

They’re opening soon at DLF, Noida and Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar.

Other details:

Jack Po!tato’s on Facebook


  1. Well any person who can relate to your love for potatoes is me….just like you i love anything made of potatoes from papad to breadrolls…n when I came across Jack Potatoe loved their preparation it was filling, good to eat and (breaks the myth) healthy …loved my date with potatoes at Jack Potatoe !


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