Eat, Dance, Shop At Northeast Ethnic Food Festival, Guwahati

North East Ethnic Food Fest

Just a few hours left for my trip to Varanasi and Christmas [my mind reads turkey, mulled wine, Swiss rolls], I am undoubtedly ending my year on a good note. Food, travel, and good music are all that I desire in life, along with a range of designer mekhela sadors, bags from Janpath, shoes from Lajpat, and regular wears from Sarojoni. See, I am not demanding at all!

As you all know, I am from Assam and how much I love my home state [ummm … I am starting to brag about my Axom love all over again], I keep a tab on the news and events happening out there regularly. Few days back a birdie [read my friend Gitu] from Tezpur called me up to inform about an ongoing food festival in Guwahati that is ending on December 25. I know, the post comes very late but there’s still one day left, and I see no reason why you should give this festival a miss. From authentic northeast cuisines to cultural nights, Northeast Ethnic Food Festival (NEFF) has got everything covered.

An initiative by JM Services with the support of AR Boutique, the third edition of NEFF is being held at Rukmininagar Housing Complex, Bihutoli Field, Dispur. I got to know that celebrity entrepreneur Ranjita Pegu to encourage the fest graced the inauguration ceremony as the chief guest on December 18. Well, this makes me extremely happy because we don’t see many people coming forward to support such initiatives.

If you are a fan of music and dance, you might just want to go and hug music director Abhi Vairav for organising superb cultural shows. A friend said that she absolutely loved the traditional group dances representing the eight northeast states. We, the people of northeast are known for the amazing sense of fashion [except me, seriously], and beauty queen Asha Dirkhipa enthralled the audience at the fashion night led by her.

Coming to my favourite part: food, there are around 40 stalls churning out some real treats. Expect Gahori Pura (smoked pork) chops, Bhat-Mangxo (rice-chicken), Alu Chop (potato croquettes), piyaji (onion fritters), and what not. I’m already salivating at the thought of savouring all of these! And to pair them up, gulp down the exciting array of local rice beers on offer.

Wait, that’s not all that the festival has. Several stalls are also selling traditional handlooms and handmade artefacts. My maa [mother] bought a handwoven shawl and Naga skirt for me, and trust me, you would want to buy all of them – such is the collection.

Tomorrow is the last, do go and show some love because it is you who can help your culture grow and reach the masses.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas. Eat, drink [sensibly], and be happy.


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