Spreading The Winter Cheer: Rodali Utsav, Tezpur


2015 has finally ended, and we entered another year with hopes to see beautiful days ahead. There’s a certain rhythm to January 1 at my home. I start my day with all things healthy, clean up the book shelves, and make my New Year’s resolutions. The list usually looks like this: Lose weight. Eat fruits and salads. Call my family more often. Write a story. By afternoon I’m worn out, spasmodically dozing in front of the TV, and hogging on the thousand-calorie cheese-burst pizza, double mutton egg burger paired with couple of beers.

But, but, but, this time, I have made some serious goals — give exposure to the northeast Indian states through my writings, value people, fund a helpless child’s education, travel a lot, learn new things, and keep a check on my eating and drinking habits to lose weight [this however, has been on my list for the last seven years]. And with the aim to achieve what I have promised myself, here I present you an insight into Rodali Festival to be held from today, January 02 to January 07, at Ganesh Ghat, Balisor, Tezpur in Assam.

You all know what goes well with the winter sun? Good food, music, outdoor games, and some tipple. Organised and managed by Rodali Tourism & Events, a firm working in the field of event management and eco-tourism, Rodali Utsav has them all! And if you’re in a mood to travel, there’re exclusive reasonably priced packaged tours to Kaziranga National Park and Tawang. Sounds super, right?

Anupam Bora, one of the members of the organising committee said to me that the only reason behind hosting this festival at Tezpur is to promote the district as a tourist destination and its beautiful culture and traditions, while giving a platform to local artisans to showcase their products and to grow their non-profit organisation Rodali that works for women empowerment and girl education.

chicken head

The grand fiesta that has been planned for six days will have a good number of activities and programmes to keep you entertained. Stretch your muscles and show your skills by participating in games such as paragliding, horse riding, and beach volleyball, while in the evening gear up for some headbanging as Chicken Head — the metal band from Dimapur plays their signature numbers. If you’re more like a swaying and swinging person, you will love the solo musical performance by Rengma. My friends are already excited about it.


There will also be dance performances by local artists. In a culturally rich district like Tezpur, expect classical and traditional dance forms such as Sattriya, Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Dashabatar Nritya, and Bihu. Shopaholics can buy some real good stuffs ranging from mekhela sadors to kurtas and shawls from the talented artisans.


Wait! No festival is complete without food. Feast on the super tempting Gahori Pura, Hanhor Mangxo, Bhoot Jolokia Di Murgi, Sungat Diya Gahori, Kumura Hanh, Gahori Lai Xaak Di, Bahor Sungat Diya Murgi, Sungat Diya hat, and more. However, the highlight will be the exotic dishes such as Eri Polu Fry and Pani Xamuk Boil. End your meal on a tipsy note with a few drinks featuring Sai Apong, Rohi, and Karbi Apong.

And the next day when you wake up with a hangover, request them for a cup of hot Kadha Laal Saah. If you feel energetic enough, head out for sightseeing, and trust me you will be stunned to see what this charming place has on offer.

This New Year start on a good note by supporting an initiative like this that is trying to bring in people from across the state and country under an umbrella to spread cheer, love, and peace. I hope to see you all there as I’m heading to Axom in another three days. Do say ‘Hi’ if you happen to see me, we can go explore the city’s beautiful offerings together.

Other details:

Event dates: January 02 – 07, 2015

Time: 11.00am onwards

Cover picture courtesy: Natasha Borah Khan

Bihu picture: Seven Diary (sevendiary.com)

Assamese platter: Jakoi Facebook page


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