6 Healthy Food Deliveries In Delhi-NCR We Love

6 Healthy Food Deliveries In Delhi-NCR We Love

The latest trend we have been observing in the Capital is the increasing number of healthy food delivery services; offering everything from organic dishes to vegan-friendly diet, low calorie options and cold pressed juices.

Instead of ordering our regular biryanis for lunch at work, we’ve for the past two months been trying out several healthy food delivery options. And of all, these 6 healthy food deliveries in Delhi-NCR absolutely won our hearts and tummies!


Salad Days

What: Right from the packaging to the food delivered, you are bound to fall in love with them. They claim that each ingredient in our salad goes through various filtering gates, quality checks and validation from experts. They handpick fresh fruits and vegetables every morning from various places – including reputed vendors, native growers and their own field. Even the salad dressings are prepared in-house using ingredients imported from their valleys of origin. We were being told that most of their ingredients are being sourced from Western Europe, while the condiments are made in-house using native herbs. They also have a good range of cold pressed and sparkling juices on offer.

Our Picks: Waldorf Salad, Roasted Chicken Salad, and Washington Apple, Carrot, Beetroot & Ginger Juice

Price: Rs 80 onwards

Order here: www.saladdays.co/


first eat

What: This recently launched healthy food delivery service aims to create awareness, availability and affordability of health and wellness through fresh and carefully prepared meals. At present, they are serving standardised healthy and affordable options in Gurgaon, which can be availed on weekly/monthly basis. Along with a range of healthy meals in varying categories, they have a whole range of cold pressed juices.

Our Picks: Omelet served with Sautéed Vegetables & Brown Toasties, Sautéed Vegetable Idli Salad, and Immunity Booster

Price: Rs 65 onwards; Weekly subscription of Rs 500 includes vegetarian meals and cold pressed juice

Order here: firsteat.in/



What: BreakfastBay is for people like us [read corporate], who have a habit of skipping breakfast often due to morning rush hours. With this service, the team at BreakfastBay wants to change this dreadful habit of ours by providing healthy and affordable breakfast to offices and homes without a miss. They have a fixed menu for the entire week featuring one dish each in a mini or full format that comes with a calorie count.

Our Picks: Macaroni with Banana Custard, Vegetable Coleslaw Sandwich with Corn Peanut Salad, and Rava Upma with Kaala Chana Chaat

Price: Rs 40 onwards; Weekly subscription of Rs 299 for 5 meals and monthly at Rs 1,299 for 22 meals.

Order here: www.breakfastbay.com/



What: Frsh aims to give us the much-needed break from traditional junk food. Here, you experience a whole new meaning of healthy food. Be it our contamination free gourmet Australian glour bread or RO water washed green leafy lettuce and vegetables, all their ingredients are FICCI approved. They also use low fat mayonnaise in the sandwiches and add no preservatives or artificial sugar in juices.

Fresh currently delivers at multiple localities in Gurgaon, Delhi, and Noida.

Our Picks: Veg Exotica Salad, Orange, Nuts and Chicken Salad, The Sunrise Juice

Price: Rs 100 onwards

Order here: www.frsh.com/#



What: This calorie controlled lunch service is the brainchild of two former management consultants who got bored of eating greens. And so they set out on an adventure looking for recipes that could tantalise taste buds and boast of a health quotient at the same time. With 80 menu options featuring 300 and 500-calorie meals from Indian as well as global cuisine, their website lists meals for 7 days, so you can plan your meal and order in advance.

Our Picks: Roasted Pumpkin and Nuts Salad, Fish Tagine with Cous Cous, Kheema with Multigrain Pao

Price: Rs 50 onwards

Order here: eatonomist.com/


the health box

What: The Health Box aims at making gourmet, healthy meals accessible for those who are health and fitness conscious. From hand tossed salads to wraps and bagels, they use only fresh and healthy ingredients, including low glycemic and high fiber grains such as quinoa, brown rice, whole-wheat and durum wheat. They even have a delicious range of gluten-free desserts.

Our Picks: Stew with Brown Rice Pilaf, Pan Seared Chicken in Balsamic Dressing, Whole Wheat Pancake

Price: Rs 110 onwards

Order here: www.thehealthbox.in

Cover image: BreakfastBay

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