Biker’s Mela: For The Adventurous You

Biker's Mela

India is easily one of the most picturesque countries in the world — from snowy mountains to sandy beaches and sea-like valleys, you’ve plenty to see. And you would agree, road tripping is the best way to soak up the nature.

To me, the best day in my life is when I get to watch the sunrise in the morning and moonlight in the night. Once in every two months, I make it a point to travel to the hills — to breathe the fresh air, walk bare feet on the grass, see the birds fly high, dewdrop kissing the tree leaves, bright flowers swaying in the summer breeze … the list is endless!

If you’re now tempted to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and at the same time be adventurous, I’ve something for you. Delhi Bikers Adventure Tour Group [DBATG], a known name in the biking community is back with their Biker’s Mela – Festival Of Dreams. And this edition, to be held from March 26 – 27, promises to be more fun and daring.

What Is It?

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What makes biking an exciting activity? Well, it is the ability to explore. You may ride the same roads and trails every day, but the urge to explore always exists.

So, the festival Biker’s Mela, organised for the first time in 2014, as “Brotherhood Mela”, will be covering some of the most beautiful places in the outskirts of Delhi-NCR. With bikers from Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Agra, Jaipur, and Punjab, DBATG has planned an exciting array of activities — biking stunt shows by professionals, exhibitions, quizzes on latest biking reports, campaign on road safety awareness, DJ night, and much more. Plus, they will also be honouring some of the valiant riders from across the country.

Do You Dare?

Delhi Bikers Adventure Tour Group

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There’s should be a thrill in anything we do. And DBATG knows the best how to keep it on. The theme, this time is “adventure”. Think camping in a forest under moonlight, taking a mud bath or in a waterfall, cooking over an open fire, and kite competition; well, the two-day fest has covered them all.

Who Are They?

Delhi Bikers Adventure Tour Group

As the name says, DBATG is a Delhi-based group, who got together for the love of biking. When it was formed in 2012, it had only 4 members — Pramod Chauhan, Sandeep Kumar, Vishal Diwakar, and Arvind Kumar. But now, it is a strong team of more than 6,000 riders. With the motto, “United we stand, united we ride”, the team at DBATG thinks, the sense of brotherhood and “can do spirit” keep them going.

With the aim to tour the world on two wheels, the group started organising tours. From covering the beautiful Spiti in the Himalayas to Gurez Valley in Ladakh and Mustang Valley in Nepal, they have hunted down some places, which I feel, takes more than guts.

And that’s not all. They also believe in contributing to the society – be it educating unprivileged children or creating cancer awareness.

Other Details

Date: March 26 – 27

Timings: 10.00am onwards

Meeting Point: Lohagarh Farms, Gairatpur Baas Village, Near Badshahpur, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

Accommodation: Available

Pictures courtesy: Delhi Bikers Adventure Tour Group Facebook page

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