In Conversation With ‘Saturday Boy’ Indeep Bakshi

indeep bakshi

Remember the peppy tracks “Saturday Saturday”, 36 Aayenge 36 Jayenge”, and “Chandigarh Pardi” that made quite a noise? I’m sure you must be well aware of the artist too.

Indeep Bakshi, known widely for the song “Saturday Saturday” from the movie Humptie Sharma Ki Dulhania has indeed come a long way. I had a chance to catch up with Indeep today, and he shared with us about his inspirations, future projects, biggest achievement, and much more.

  1. When did the music stint happen? Were you always into singing since childhood? Any anecdotes to share?

Academically, I come from an architect background but always loved singing. I studied about buildings, designs and construction but had a hobby of writing poems or quirky lines. And this made me to think to get into the music industry. I tried experimenting with my voice when I was young and as I had my writing samples and talent to write poems, it provoked me to sing professionally. My writings needed just a touch of tunes.

And when I saw today’s generation enjoying music, be it of any kind, it encouraged me to continue with my decision of entering into singing. All I needed was tunes and raps, which were combined in my ‘Saturday Saturday’; and you can see how it went on to become a blockbuster hit amongst youth and everyone. Singing came naturally to me and I’ve spent years honing that ability.

  1. What made you choose music over architecture?

Since childhood I was into music and it’s my passion. However, I had to see my family business as well. Later, I decided to follow my passion for music because I wanted to focus on one thing.

I only learnt music after I composed the song ‘Saturday Saturday’ from guruji, Ankit Thripati.

  1. Define your style of music? Do the lyrics have any link to your personal life experiences?

My lyrics are very conversational, and I write them to cater to the youth and the way the youngsters talk today. My music style is mostly R&B.

The lyrics, most of the time, are related to my personal experiences. My first sad song, ‘Tere Liye’ which came in the movie ‘Delhi wali zalim girlfriend’ was neither up for sale nor was meant to be released; the song was based on a relationship that didn’t turn out well. I wrote this song when I was in Shimla. Now, I have written two more songs ‘Tere Liye’ and ‘2 AM’ which will soon to be released.

T-Series bought ‘Tere Liye’ after they heard my track which was set as my ringtone.

Another song based on my real life is ‘Billionaire’.

  1. Your track ‘Saturday Saturday’ has won hearts across the globe. How does it feel? Did you expect that ‘Saturday Saturday’ would become such a huge hit?

Honestly speaking, I made this song in masti [fun]. And when it got so much love from everyone then only I felt that my hard work was paid off well. I have given something which is a brand in itself now — ‘Saturday boy Indeep Bakshi’. It got hit only because it was according to the taste of the youth, which was my main motto.

  1. How did Dharma Productions approach you for this song?

It was my friend’s birthday and we were all partying. Suddenly I got this idea of composing a song for her and then there was no looking back. The song was actually an experiment with the hip-hop style. I am young and wanted to try out different genres in music. It so happened that the response was extremely positive after this song.

It was only by chance that Karan Johar was looking for a peppy number for his movie and he heard my song, thus decided to include it in his movie ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania’

  1. How do you keep the energy and focus on in this chaotic world?  

My energy comes from my fans. I am here because of their love and support. Being a Punjabi singer doesn’t mean you should come up with same music like others, as then there will be no fun factor for a singer like me to show his talent and make his fans happy with something new and catchy. This is because I have always strived to deliver different music to my fans and a lot of similar is already being delivered by many.

  1. Share with us about your early passions and influences.

Music, cars and bikes are of my interests. I can go to any length [only in good sense] to fulfill and posse a large classy collection of the same. I am an extreme junkie and have an attitude to try sports and also willing to try my hand at new things. Though my interests keep changing, ultimate passion is luxury and music, and yes I am constantly on the hunt for something bold and adventurous.

My inspiration throughout has been my father who I have seen managing personal and professional life so well and also climb successful ladders in all spheres of life. For me music has been an essential part of my life which constantly drives, motivates and keeps me rooted.

  1. Music genres you love?


  1. Your personal favourite song from your albums?

The song ‘Akhiyaan’ from my album, Billionaire.

  1. Share with us about your upcoming projects.

I am coming up with a new track ‘Baby Go Wild’ which is an 18+ track. Also since my Sikh fans say that I am not wearing turban in the videos, so for them I am coming up with a special track ‘Singh Honde Badhsah Te Kaur Hondi Queen’. Also, my track ‘2 am’ will be out soon.

  1. Your most cherished moments?

My first performance.

  1. What do you like most about your profession?

My fans and the love I get from them.

  1. What do you have to say about studio recording versus live performance?

Studio recording is basically all dark and main focus is on composing the best, while live performance is lively where I have to give my 100 per cent to my fans.

  1. Message to your fans.

For fans, I would say, keep your love and support flowing in, as you have always done. For upcoming musicians, just trust yourself and keep doing the good work and always pursue your ambition with full sincerity and honesty. Never take anything for granted and never make assumptions based on rumours. Mutual respect is very important.

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