The Power Of Touch: Kairaili Ayurvedic Centre, Mehrauli

kairali ayurvedic

We all love to be pampered, don’t we? Think how wonderful a hug from a loved one feels on a bad day or a hot massage post a month of continuous meetings and deadlines at work.

My flat mate during my college days, who was a short-tempered woman, used to visit the therapist next door every weekend for a massage, which she believed worked well to keep her anger under control. And it sure did. I saw how relaxed and calm she would be for the next three days after the magical massage.

But to me, visiting a spa and having a treatment is a rare occurrence. However, last winter I did go for an ayurvedic massage at Kairali Ayurvedic Centre, Mehrauli.

Surrounded by trees and colourful flowers, a nature lover like me will fall in love with this place in first sight. The receptionist, as I entered, gave a brief of the services offered. After much thinking, followed by a call to mother, I decided to proceed with abhyangam.

Post the formalities, two women clad in saree escorted me to the dressing room. “Madame, please take off your clothes and wrap this cotton sheet around the body”, said one.

But little did I know that I would have to take off even the last piece of cloth at the massage room! I felt absolute naked. So, well, here’s the first norm: this massage is not for you, if you aren’t ready to let go off all inhibitions.

I was first given a relaxing head massage with aromatic herbal oils. Then they massaged my ears, neck, shoulders, and chest. I realised that an ayurvedic massage consists of long firm strokes and the amount of pressure is quite high.

They then asked me to lie on my back. The therapy continued from the shoulder to toes. Abhyangam, as I have been told, removes stress and strain, improves immunity, and helps in maintaining physique.


After the 45-minute massage, I was once again taken to the dressing room. I was then made to sit inside a wooden steam chair which had little doors. My entire body was hidden inside the chair with only my neck sticking out from a hole. Soon, the steam started flowing; heating up my body and sweating me out. I requested the masseuses to allow me to stay a little longer than the given time.

Post the 15-minute steam bath, I was escorted to the bathroom where I took a shower with herbal soap and shampoo. It was such a rejuvenating session that I didn’t feel like leaving the centre. On my way out, the receptionist asked me to take a seat at the lobby for a cup of hot herbal tea.

If you too are looking for a traditional ayurvedic massage , trust me Kairali won’t disappoint you. They have treatments for arthritis, skin diseases, facial paralysis, infertility, sinusitis, hypertension, obesity, nervous debility and more. You may also ask for monthly or yearly packages that come at a reasonable price.

Address: D-120, Andheria Modh, Mehrauli, Delhi

For reservation, call: 095551 56156

Pricing: Rs 1,000 onwards


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