Oh! Bao Deserves A Bow

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If you ask me what I do on weekends, the answer will be “I eat and travel”. And this is what I have been doing ever since I started earning on my own.

Two weeks back, on a Saturday, post shopping at Sarojini Nagar, I went to Defence Colony to meet a friend. Since, it was lunch time we, instead of our pre-planned coffee date, decided to check out Moet’s new venture Oh! Bao.


Oh! Bao

Right at the entrance, there’s a bright cheerful graffiti of a Chinaman. As we climbed up the stairs to enter the restaurant, one of their servers escorted us to the seating area. One thing I liked about the place is the soothing pastel hues and soft music. Unlike the new-age restaurants using too much of junk decorative accessories, Oh! Bao has minimal but arty props adorning the walls.

There’s a sense of coziness in each corner. The furniture in shades of blue and white are not just chic but comfortable too. Divided into two sections – a fine dine section, and a quirkier zone where you can just lay back and chill; we opted for the later one.

Food + Drinks

Oh! Bao

Brainchild of Chef Saurav Bhatnaga, who has previously worked as the Head of Sushi Department at Wasabi by Marimoto in Taj Hotel, and restaurateur Mehreen Bindra, the menu features all things nice — from soups to sushis, dim sums, baos, sticky rice, and more.

We started with Laksa Soup. With great presentation may not come great taste, but at Oh! Bao both the elements were in place. The seafood soup with coconut base was served inside a tender coconut shell, and the taste was absolutely refreshing!

We then ordered Crispy Fried Fish and Vietnamese Lotus Stem.

The fish cooked with dry chilli and burnt garlic tossed with Szechuan pepper was crisp and juicy. Vegetarians will for sure love the crispy fried lotus stems tossed with sweet chilli sauce.

My friend, who is not too fond of sushi but wanted to try some, asked for the vegetarian preparation.

The server recommended us to go with the Veg Chef’s Flying Sushi Boat so that we can sample some of their signature rolls.

As the name says, the colourful sushis came on a wooden boat. There were Asparagus Tempura Roll – crispy fried asparagus and spicy mayo topped with tempura flakes, Philadelphia Roll – Philadelphia cheese and avocado topped with black and white sesame seeds, Tempura Tofu Maki – crispy fried tofu, spicy mayo and cucumber topped with tempura flakes, Spicy Shitake Roll – pickled shitake mushroom, mayo, cucumber topped with black and white sesame seeds, Spicy Avocado Roll – avocado cucumber topped with wasabi and spicy mayo, Dill Roll – avocado, carrot, cucumber covered with fine chopped dill, and Tempura Crunchy Roll – Tempura flakes mixed with spicy and wasabi mayo topped with tempura flakes.

Of all, we loved the Asparagus Tempura, Spicy Shitake, and Dill the most, and are definitely going back for.

In baos, we tried out Crackling Pork Belly and Chicken Teriyaki.

The slow braised pork belly in Hoisin sauce with scallion and crushed peanuts is a must try, while the Chicken Teriyaki can be skipped. The chicken strips with lettuce, togarashi, and shredded kimchi, although presented well, failed to impress us on the taste front.

We then ordered for Penang Chicken Curry with Sticky Rice.  The delicious rich coconut flavoured curry with tender chunks of chicken and peanuts tasted fabulous when paired with the sticky rice.

The fantastic meal ended with two crisp Fortune Cookies and a glass of Orange Bloom — a blend of orange, cranberry, and lemon juices with crushed ice!

Other details:

Address: 50, Defence Colony Market, Delhi

Price for two: Rs 1,200


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